4Inch PVA Spongy Wheel Grinding Wheel 600# 800# 1000# 1200# Abrasive Grind Sponge Disc Wheel Glass Stone Marble Mosaic


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1、Main Component: The main component is a special synthetic resin; usually with dry grinding. The bonding agent is soft and gentle, without leaving deep flaws on the grinding surface. Can get a uniform smooth cleansing surface.
2、Wear Resistance: Because the structure of the grinding wheel is combined with a special synthetic resin, the wheel can strengthen its wear resistance and grinding force, and because of the existence of special pores in the grinding wheel structure, it can quickly remove abrasive debris, avoid plugging and heat generation. Suitable for long-term grinding work.
3、Wide Application: The sponge wheel is suitable for grinding stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, touch, wood, gemstone, marble, glass, bakelite, urea products, leather, etc. It is suitable for stainless steel, clocks, jewelry, glass and stone industries. It can avoid the phenomenon of heat generation or plugging caused by the use of general grinding wheels and abrasive cloths.
4、Multiple Functions: The use of pva sponge wheels can reduce the grinding cost, improve the grinding efficiency, innovate the traditional grinding process and technology, and improve the grinding finish of the product. For example: Grinding of various metal surfaces, copper mixing cylinder (centerless polishing), grinding of watch case, strap, gemstone, marble before electroplating or polishing. Obtain gloss like mirror polished surface.
5、Easy to Use: Equipped with the appropriate rotation speed of each size of the grinding wheel with a weekly speed of 1500 ~ 2000 meters / minute. Sponge wheels with an outer diameter of 200 mm should be 3,000 rpm. Grinding pressure is applied with lighter pressure, usually coarse grinding is 3 ~ 5kg / cm2 fine grinding is 1 ~ 2kg / cm2. 3. Wheel correction: After the sponge wheel is installed on the polishing machine equipment, it should be do circumference correction before grinding the workpiece. It can be sharpened with clay grinding wheels and angle stones.
Name: PVA polishing wheel
Material: Special synthetic resin
Outer diameter: about 100 (mm)/3.94inch
Inner diameter: about 16 (mm)/0.63inch
Thickness: about 13 (mm)/0.51inch
Maximum speed: 4300 (rmp)
Abrasive: PVA grinding wheel
Granularity: 600# 800# 1000# 1200#
Scope of application: marble, glass, stone.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 5 cm

1000#, 1200#, 600#, 800#

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