500ml / 1Litre Transparent Waterproof Sealer for Fix Bathroom Wall Leak


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– This product can be directly painted on the wall/ceramic tile/stone/cement foundation, not peeling/powder, effectively prevent the substrate seepage, long service life. Safe operation, simple and convenient construction, cost-effective
– Suitable for roof, bathroom, roof, interior wall, exterior wall, window sill leakage
– Note: Please don’t use it in a place soaked in water for a long time.

How to use:

  1. Clean the surface and keep it dry
  2. Brush up and down for the first time, (thin coating is not too thick once, about 1mm)
  3. After an hour at room temperature of 25°, the surface is dry and does not stick to the touch. Then apply a second time left and right. (It must be evenly painted, and it can be painted several times as needed)
  4. Normal temperature 25°, curing is completed in 12 hours, the transparent glue has formed a transparent film
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1000ml, 500ml

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