Adjustable Welding Gas Torch Flame Gun No.9517 Rotatable Gas Torch Flame Camping Multipurpose Butane Burner


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Product Features:
– Flame temperature can up to 1300°C.
– Wind-proof, Moist-proof & Water-proof, better than Electric Welding.
– It is very convenient to replace the Gas Cylinder, and it takes only 1 to 2 seconds to replace it.
– Can be equipped with Butane Gas Canister type. (Butane Gas Canister Not included)
– Baking such as Spitfire on the surface of the Cake, De-moulding Mousse Cake.
– Barbecue
– Campfire for Cooking, Boiling Water and Etc.
– Micro Welding involving such as Copper-welding, Silver-welding, Tin-welding, Ornament Processing.
– Fusing, Welding, Surface Treatment and Local Heating in Workshop, Garage and Lab.
– Bending steel pipe into shape
– Sealing pvc connections

How to use:
1. Align the gas torch with the nozzle-type gas canister and insert to tighten it.
2. Press firmly & rotates the gas torch clockwise 20 degrees.
3. Open the valve switch.
4. Gently press the “push” button and the ignition is complete.
5. Remove the gas torch when you are finished using it.
# Turn the knob at the gas torch to the middle position, then hear the sound of the air, press the middle “push” button, the ignition is successful.

Safety Information
– Do not tilt the cylinder during installation, otherwise liquid gas may enter the barrel and increase the risk of sudden flame ignition.
– After installing the gas cylinder, such as “sisi” sound or leaking smell is being detected at the connection site, immediately take off the gas cylinder. If there is any foreign object on the connection point, remove it and reinstall it. If there is still a leak, stop using it immediately.
– When igniting, remember not to tilt or shake the torch. Otherwise it will increase the flame of the fire accidents.
– 2 to 3 seconds after igniting the flame, the torch can be using tilted.
– Do not over-rotate the gas knob, otherwise it will fail.
– When ignite fire, emitted flames will be very long, be sure to use caution to prevent burns.
– Beware of high temperature at the stainless steel pipe after using. Do not touch the stainless steel pipe before cooling down.
– Take note that even if the gas control is off, the flame may not be extinguished immediately.
– Keep this flame out of reach of children
– Store butane gas canister away from high heat and direct sunlight

Flame Gun Glow Torch
– Adjustable gas output (High-low heat)
– Manual trigger: Required lighter or spark to ignite
– Consumption/output: 300g/h, 3600kcal (High Flame)
– Required Butane Gas Canister (Sold separately)


360° Rotatable, Normal

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