Professional 400cc Pneumatic Air Power Grease Gun Kit Automotive


SKU: G60-18-215-1

Hexagonal spout

Quick coupler

Hose Fitting

Nylon Hose

Capacity: 400CC

Air Pressure (PSI): 90

Out Pressure (PSI): 4200

Air Inlet (N.P.T.): ¼

Hose Size (I.D.): 3/8

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Suitable for all general greasing applications. Easy to use and ideal for hard to reach difficult places. Suitable for suction and bulk loading. This is a robust tool built for trade use. Perfect for professional or DIY use.

This pistol style, single-shot Air Grease Gun Is a special designed, high-quality and professional air tool, made of the best material and ideal for lubricating maintenance for transportation implements, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment?s etc.

  • Fine-treated surface Includes chrome-plated surface and enamel-baked surface. As the acute-angle design reduces the load distance and concentrates the centre of gravity between ringer grip and container is portable in operation and arm not subject to de tired
  • Owing to the acute-angle design. It can allow wide-angle operation In narrow space.
  • Air vent valve allows the trapped air in the tube to escape after filling grease.
  • Plug is used for lubricants filling from roller pump.
  • With pressure in the range of 30 to 150 psi generated from the air compressor. it can deliver 1200 to 6000 psi each time the trigger is pressed.
  • As the gun head is made of light moral, it is lighter than any other Air-gun. Let?s weight is only 1.5 kgs.
  • Finger grip Is convenient for holding in operation.
  • Three ways of grease loading available, Cartridge loading (with standard 14 oz grease cartridge). riling and Loading with filler pump bulk


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 9 × 23 cm

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