LKB Footwear Deodorant Spray 120ml Portable Odor Removal Sprayer


SKU: C01-B
  • How to use: Point the nozzle at the inside of the shoe, the inner surface of the shoe and the surface of the shoe cabinet, spray 1-2 times, and wear it after drying
  • Note: This product should not be swallowed, avoid children’s play, avoid getting into eyes, please rinse with plenty of water and store in a cool and dry place Smelly shoes
  • – Wearing shoes for a long time is not breathable, and the bad smell will accumulate and thicken, spray on shoes Shoe cabinet smells
  • – The shoe cabinet is closed and humid, and the smell is unpleasant, and this smell will occur more frequently as the temperature increases Spray the shoe cabinet Socks smelly
  • – Wearing socks makes your feet sweat more easily and you are more likely to get foot problems, spray on the socks
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**Remarks: The date is stated on the product is production date, it is not expired date. Capacity: 120ML

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 cm

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