LKB Kitchen Cookware Cleaner 260ml Black Stain Scale Remover

**Remarks: The date is stated on the product is production date, it is not expired date.

  • Scope of application: Clean and remove the black scale on the surface of stainless steel tableware, iron pans, microwave ovens, induction cookers, ceramic tiles and other appliances.
  • Features: The paste formula can stay on the surface of tar black scale for a long time, deeply penetrate, stubborn black scale, and thick scale can be easily removed.


  • 1. Wear gloves and apply this product on the surface of oily black dirt, and apply repeatedly until the product is completely covered with oily dirt.
  • 2. For general oil stains, wait a while after applying evenly, and then scrub it.
  • 3. If the grease is thicker, you can increase the thickness of the application, then wrap it with plastic wrap or plastic cloth to keep the paste moist and let it stand for 1-5 hours (if the grease is thicker, you can increase the thickness of the application. It is recommended to leave it overnight and then wash) Remove the plastic wrap and scrub with hot water. If the black scale is thicker and not completely removed at one time, you can repeat the above steps.
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  • 1. This product is highly alkaline, so gloves should be worn during operation. If accidentally splashed, immediately rinse eyes with water or eye drops repeatedly.
  • 2. Do not use on textiles, use caution on aluminum, painted surfaces, and electroplated surfaces. If you must use it, please test it locally, and then try to wash and rinse as quickly as possible.
  • 3. When using for other instruments of unknown material, please try it out in an inconspicuous place in advance and use it on a large area after confirming that it has no effect on the appliance. After cleaning, rinse with water in time, and this product cannot be mixed with other cleaning agents.
  • 4. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed by mistake, drink plenty of water and seek medical attention. Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Main Ingredients: Metal chelating agents, penetrants, granular alkalis, friction particles, active agents, etc.
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 5 cm

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