915# Multipurpose Gas Torch Butane Burner High Temperature Flame Gun


SKU: G60-22-358

Mount on common Portable cylinder gas.
Come with automatic self-ignite button.
Come with Durable variable fire/flame magnitude level control knob.
Useful for all heating purpose such BBQ, heating and food preparations.
Useful in various application such as burn and bent tubing such as copper and plastic tubing.

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Ultra Compact torch offers the ultimate in high scale dining yet doesn’t intimidate amateur cooks, its sleek shape makes it comfortable to use.
Compatible with any 8oz Butane Canisters.
Perfect For Cooking And Catering
flaming, caramelizing, browning, adding color and texture to food.
Powerful flame temperature up to 1300 °C; Adjustable flame control, Safe and good for cooking torch uses.
No need to keep brute torch trigger on once lit Anti Flare
You can use any angle you want with consistent blue flame, Adjustable Gas Flow Control for small to large flame size and Air regulating knob, Fuel not Included, Safe and clear flame

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 23 cm

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