Portable Foam Type Fire Extinguisher 500ML / 1000ML


Features :

  • – Fast extinguisher speed, high efficiency, continuous or intermittent spraying
  • – Applicable to the extinguishments of initial fires caused by oil flammable liquids, solid organics gas and electric equipment

Description :

  • – Type Care: Foam
  • – Content: 500ml / 1000ml
  • – Ideal equipment for use in car, offices, school, hotels, restaurant
  • – A fire extinguisher is an often forgotten “must have” for any vehicle or home.
  • – Fires can start in engines, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters and even brakes due to short circuits, leaking fluids and faulty fuel delivery systems.
  • – With the pull of a tab and the squeeze of a trigger, the hand-held Fire Stop Foam Extinguisher shoots a jet of biodegradable
  • – Non-toxic foam—safe to breathe and touch—up to 10 feet
  • – Multiplying in volume to quell small to medium blazes.
  • – The foam ensures a fire will not reignite!
  • – It provides a highly portable line of defense in vehicles, homes, offices, kitchens (where most fires start due to ignited oil, fat or grease) and even camping trips.
  • – Highly portable
  • – Convenient and safe
  • – Simple structure
  • – Flexible operation
  • – Convenient application

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1000ml, 500ml

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