Rust Resistant Nut Splitter Remover Damaged Bolt Extractor Heavy Duty Cutter Tool


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Nut Or Bolt Splitter Remover or Extractor Tool

Product Description
– If you have a stuck nut that even a bolt extractor set won’t move, you need the Nut Splitters.
– A nut or bolt with a rusted or rounded head is a frustrating problem, and all too common on old vehicles and machinery.
– For the safe removal of corroded or damaged nuts without damaging bolt threads.
– Drop forged steel body hardened and tempered with chrome plated Threaded splitting pin manufactured from chrome vanadium steel with black phosphate finish Packed in blow molded case.
– Nuts corroded, damaged or seized? If all else fails, break them off the thread using one of these effective splitters. A few turns with a spanner and the hardened steel chisel soon slices through.
– All splitters can be used with sockets or wrenches and much more.

Nut or Bolt Splitter Tool Size :
– 15/16″-1/2″(9-12mm)
– 1/2″-5/8″(12-16mm)
– 5/8″-7/8″(16-22mm)
– 7/8″-16/15″(22-27mm)

How To Use :

Step 1
Locate the seized nut or bolt and attach the nut splitter like so. Ensure you face the adjuster bolt in a direction which will allow you to fit a ratchet or spanner to it. Try to split the nut in a spot that allows to access to the adjuster bolt from both sides, as you may need to break the nut in half by performing this twice. Tighten the thread until it makes contact with the nut or bolt.

Step 2
Now to split the nut, it’s simply a matter of tightening the adjuster bolt until the nut splits. Be careful not to damage the thread behind the nut.

Step 3
Depending on the nut or bolt, you may need to repeat this step on the other side to completely remove it.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm

12-16mm, 16-22mm, 22-27mm, 9-12mm

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