Tenyu Tech Automotive Fire Extinguisher 0.3KG TY-0300B

SKU: Z10-500G-2


  • * Size: Diameter 128mm * Height 53mm /5 x 2.1 inches* Weight: 800g
  • * Activation time: ≈3s
  • * Extinguishing Range: ≈1m³
  • * Active ingredients: Environmental harmless Dry Powder(NH4H2PO4)

Do not deliberately throw, ignited fire to the fire extinguisher. Do not expose the fire extinguisher to water sources to prevent damage to the fire extinguishing mechanism. Forbidden to damage or dismantle. Comes with a user manual.

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  • Targeted: It can be used for the car engine, electric boxes and other small and easy to catch fire areas. Rapid response: in the event of sudden fire, the fire extinguisher can automatically trigger the fire mechanism, in 2-3 seconds to control the fire, resulting in minimum loss, maximum protection of life, and property safety.
  • Easy to use and operate: You only need to install the automatic fire extinguisher in advance to fire prone position, and in the event of fire it can effectively control the fire;
  • Comes in a small size, suitable for placing in a variety of small spaces for maximum coverage
  • Safe and effective: through repeated experiments, this product can effectively put out A / B / C / E / F fire class. no maintenance is required.
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm

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